Drag Flick Board (DFB) with English video instruction

Until further notice the Low and High DFB are not available outside The Netherlands. Sorry …. 🙁

The DFB is a training tool for Field Hockey.                                               It is a tool to master and maintain the Drag Flick in a smart, quick and fun manner.
The DFB is designed for players from the age of 11 and older.

Click here for an introduction.

The innovative DFB makes sure that a player learns the skill of drag flicking in a correct manner. Secondly he or she generates flicking speed much quicker than without board.

Quick                                                                                                                      By presenting the ball on an elevated platform instead of on the ground the DFB significantly reduces pressure on ankles, knees and lower back. Due to this reduced load, you can train longer hours with a much lower risk for injuries. Expect quicker progress.

Fun                                                                                                                          Quick progress and the fact that it is much easier to lift the ball high towards the goal will bring you joy. We all know that fun is an important factor for progress.

In the box you will find a DFB with a sticker with video codes and an English manual. With these QR codes you can view four English instruction videos via the internet on your cellphone or tablet for free as many times as you like.

Our training method has four steps:

  1. The Basics
  2. The first approach pattern:        The Cross Step  (click to watch the video)
  3. The second approach pattern:   The Connection Step
  4. The third approach pattern:      The Through Step

Due to high demands the DFB’s are at this moment not available outside The Netherlands.

Foundation                                                                                          Dragflick.org is a Dutch foundation and inventor of the DFB.                     The DFB has been developed by INNOSPORT and The Hague University.

For more info: send us an email: mail@dragflick.org

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